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They're crispy and crunchy
The whole year through,
The kiddies never tire of them
and neither will you.

In the beginning of the original series, Vilgax's attempt to get the Omnitrix from Xylene resulted with his body damaged and undergoing cybernetic enhancement while recuperating while he sent his robots and bounty hunters to find the item. Once his body is healed, with the added ability to increase his muscle mass, Vilgax began to go after Ben numerous times. Vilgax returns years later in the Ben 10: Alien Force episode "Vengeance of Vilgax", having conquered ten planets in order to take the powers and weapons of the champions from the conquered worlds as his own. His new abilities include even greater strength and invulnerability, a red laser projector, wind breath, flight at light-speed, super-hearing, a large sword he can cover with flame or Taydenite, and a gauntlet he can use to generate force fields and electric shocks. After taking Ultimos' powers while conquering his tenth planet, Vilgax arrives on Earth to challenge Ben. Instead, Vilgax ends up facing Max and the Plumber Helpers before Ben arrives and defeats him as Diamondhead. Though intergalactic law dictates him to leave Earth and never return, Vilgax continued to return to Earth a few more times to get his revenge.

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