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“Since day one the staff have been nothing but friendly, caring and professional. I feel we are very lucky that our children are in such capable hands. I would recommend to anybody to send their children here.” Penny M .

Here's Abi and Mambo at 11-weeks. Abi is special needs and with a unique connection to animals. She called to Mambo when he was less than a week old and still blind. He crawled 15-feet across the floor to her (a distant adventure at his age). From that moment on he preferred Abi to his own mother, often refusing to nurse off unless Abi's hand was on him. For the rest of his life, Mambo was inseparable from Abi. Of course, Mambo didn't remain a puppy for long...

Bulldog Childrens DiscothequeBulldog Childrens DiscothequeBulldog Childrens DiscothequeBulldog Childrens Discotheque