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Some philosophers and sociologists of science have questioned the relationship between these characteristics and perceived hardness or softness. The more "developed" hard sciences do not necessarily have a greater degree of consensus or selectivity in accepting new results. [5] Commonly cited methodological differences are also not a reliable indicator. Psychologists use controlled experiments and economists use mathematical modelling, but as social sciences both are usually considered soft sciences, [1] [2] while natural sciences such as biology do not always aim to generate testable predictions. [8] There are some measurable differences between hard and soft sciences. For example, hard sciences make more extensive use of graphs , [4] [12] and soft sciences are more prone to a rapid turnover of buzzwords . [13]

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Newly constructed capsules, described online January 8 in Nature Electronics, sense various gases while traveling through a person’s digestive tract, revealing how the gut’s chemical composition reacts to factors like diet.

Soft Cell Science Fiction StoriesSoft Cell Science Fiction StoriesSoft Cell Science Fiction StoriesSoft Cell Science Fiction Stories