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Concerts: Shaun has performed all over the world and supported major artists such as Beverley Knight, Angie Stone, Mica Paris and Erykah Badu. He sang the national anthem for Lennox Lewis who was defending his heavyweight title against Mike Tyson.

Several names who were overlooked in the last round of Oscar nominations made the cut — like Beasts of No Nation 's Idris Elba (actors) and Cari Fukunaga (directors) and Creed star Michael B. Jordan. And Nate Parker, who directed and stars in The Birth of a Nation , which caused a sensation at Sundance and is expected to figure in the upcoming awards conversation, was also invited to join the actors branch.

I started watching B5 in the midst of its second season and quickly got hooked on the show. The characters and the writing were superb. I wish more shows were written like it is...well, except that JMS killed off one of my favorite characters, Marcus Cole. Fifth season wasn't really to my taste for the most part; there were moments, but without Jason Carter as Marcus and Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova (another of my favorite characters), it just didn't have the same appeal. As much as I loved John and Delenn, I missed these other characters. So the B5 fic I've read is mostly I/M.

Shok Paris Steel And StarlightShok Paris Steel And StarlightShok Paris Steel And StarlightShok Paris Steel And Starlight