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Healthy Vending Machine Program
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Piranha Vending Buys and Sells New and Used Combo Vending Machines all over the USA and Canada.  Over 16 years in the Industry, we have provided thousands of high quality combo vending machines for Business Owners, Vendors and People that want to start a Combo Vending Machines business on the side for extra money.  Piranha BUYS used vending machines that are in great shape, usually not more than 3 years old on the average.  Combo vending machines are a GREAT way to start off in the Vending business because it provides SNACKS & DRINKS in 1 vending machine, saving the vendor money from having to buy 2 machines.  Most locations just need 1 combo vending machine for the business and this will provide enough snacks and drinks for the employees.  About 90% of businesses in America is small business and a COMBO Vending machine is all you need to get started.  With a Combo Vending Machine, you can still service your location about once a week.  New Combo vending machines Piranha sells will be able to vend , 20oz. bottles & 12oz. cans.  All New combo vending machines come with a Bill Validator and Automatic Coin Changer.
ADA Compliant
Our machines are Compliant with Americans With Disabilities Act  as it is administered by the U. S. Department Of Justice. Our machines are stand alone, not fixed machines and therefore are not covered by the . rules and regulations. Only machines that are fixed or attached, hard wired or plumbed to the building where they are located are covered.
The U. S. Department Of Justice has what they call the “Upside Down Test”, in other words, if after installing the equipment, you could turn the building upside down, only if the equipment would remain in place do the A. D. A. rules and regulations apply. If on the other hand it would fall to the floor, it is fully exempt from the Act and it’s rules and regulations. This covers everyone involved, the manufacturer, the dealer, our customer, and the location owner.
To verify the accuracy of the above information you may wish to call the U. S. Department Of Justice – Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance, toll free, at 1 (800) 514-0301 then press 7 and ask to speak with an A. D. A. Specialist.

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The Bill Black Combo The Untouchable Sound Of The Bill Black ComboThe Bill Black Combo The Untouchable Sound Of The Bill Black ComboThe Bill Black Combo The Untouchable Sound Of The Bill Black ComboThe Bill Black Combo The Untouchable Sound Of The Bill Black Combo