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Cynthia was later imprisoned in the tower by the Baron (the future King Vladimir). She had an encounter with a prisoner named Lucas Cross whom Cynthia recognized as being dangerous since the prison was overrun by vampires. Some decades later in the future, Doctor Doom (upon learning of his mother's history) sent Blade back in time to free her. Even when he frees her with the help of Lucas Cross, they work together to fight off a group of vampires. Afterwards, Cynthia made her escape.

“My own father didn’t attend my wedding so Cynthia Baily shouldn’t feel bad… I ELOPED. She has FaceTime with my husband Marc just didn’t meet him in person and that was 6 months ago. Mind your business if you aren’t my friend,” Kenya Moore explained on social media, as she learned that her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars were gossiping about her.

Cynthia Richards Dynamites ConversationCynthia Richards Dynamites ConversationCynthia Richards Dynamites ConversationCynthia Richards Dynamites Conversation