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24/Nov/2017 at 15:25 Press Release 24 November 2017 - New crash barriers in the slip road leading to Kappara   Tomorrow, the Kappara Project Contractor will remove the existing crash barriers from the slip road that leads from the skate park towards Kappara, and will install new ones, as part of the project, which has reached its final phases.  The new barriers will help enhance road safety in this area used by thousands every day.   The slip road will be closed totraffic from07:00 tomorrow morning.   Whilst apologising for any inconvenience, we urge drivers to use alternative routes, follow temporary traffic signs and drive carefully.   Map Link: http:///2jkBo4D Read more

A standard cannabis dispensary will typically have a wide range of buds and flowers on display for customers to see or smell when they walk in. The flowers may include anything from sativa, hybrids of all kinds, to various indica’s. All of them will have test results indicating the percentage of cannabinoids, THC, and terpenoids. Aside from quality purposes, such tests are also done to ensure that the plant is mold free.

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