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A stark example of all that has afflicted the wonderful world of imbibition since the 90's, when the ghetto element began overrunning the bar scene. Tupac Shakur mentions it in a rap song, then BOOM! Every underaged, marginally-employed wastrel that doesn't tip, picks fights and can't put together a coherent sentence even while sober is asking for it at your local neighborhood bar. Between this and the Freddy Krueger, mixed drinks have an awfully bad name amongst those of us who graduated high school and have a job!

Washington, .
When Bill Cosby and President Obama dine at the same chili bowl dive, you know it's got to be good. is obviously a perfect weekend vacation for its historic sites -- check out November's FotoWeek and nearby Alexandria Film Festival , too! -- but it's also a bustling foodie town, with offerings for both early-rising workers and late-night carousers -- we're gonna need the chorizo risotto at Tico , STAT.

3WK Classic Undergroundradio was built as a way of honouring groundbreaking late 60's/early 70's progressive rock stations like: ABC-FM Love, CFRA-AM Ottawa ON (Brian Murphy late night), CHOM-FM Montreal QC, CHUM-FM Toronto ON, CJOM Windsor ON, CKFH-AM Toronto ON (Big G. Walters' "Whole Bag"), CKGM-FM Montreal QC, CKLG-FM Vancouver BC, KAAY-AM Little Rock AR (Clyde Clifford's "Beaker Street"), KABC-FM Los Angeles CA, KADI St. Louis MO, KAUM Houston TX, KBEY-FM Kansas City MO, KDKB Phoenix AZ, KFH-FM Wichita KS, KFML AM/FM Denver CO, KGO-FM San Francisco CA, KCJC-FM Kansas City MO, KISW-FM Seattle WA, KLOS Los Angeles CA, KMET-FM Los Angeles CA, KMPX-FM San Francisco CA, KMYR-FM Denver CO, KOL-FM Seattle WA, KOME-FM San Jose CA, KPFA-FM Berkeley CA, KPFT-FM Houston TX, KPPC-FM Pasadena CA, KPRI-FM San Diego CA, KQRS-FM Minneapolis MN, KQV-FM Pittsburgh PA, KRST Albuquerque NM, KSAN-FM San Francisco CA, KSEA-FM San Diego CA, KSFX-FM San Francisco CA, KSHE St. Louis MO, KWFM Tucson AZ, KWK AM/FM St. Louis MO, KWKI Kansas City MO, KWST-FM Los Angeles CA, KXYZ-FM Houston TX, KZEL Eugene OR, WAAF-FM Worcester MA, WABC-FM New York NY, WABX Detroit MI, WAMO-FM (Brother Love Underground Program) Pittsburgh PA, WBAI New York NY, WBCN Boston MA, WCAR-AM Detroit MI, WCFL-AM Chicago IL (Ron Britain's "Subterranean Circus"), WDAI Chicago IL, WDVE Pittsburgh PA, WEBN-FM Cincinatti OH, WFMU-FM Jersey City NJ, WGLD-FM Chicago IL, WGOE-FM Richmond VA, WHFS Washington DC, WIBA-FM Madison WI, WILS-FM Lansing MI, WIOT-FM Toledo OH, WJDX-FM Jackson MS, WKNR-FM Detroit MI, WKTK Baltimore MD, WLAV-FM Grand Rapids MI, WLIR Long Island NY, WLS-FM Chicago IL, WMMR Philadelphia PA, WMMS-FM Cleveland OH, WMUM-FM Palm Beach, FL, WNAP-FM Indianapolis IN, WNCR-FM Cleveland OH, WNEW-FM New York NY, WNRZ Ann Arbor MI, WNTN-AM Newton MA, WOR-FM New York NY, WORJ-FM Orlando, WPLJ New York NY, WPLO-FM Atlanta GA, WPLR-FM New Haven CT, WREK-FM Atlanta GA, WRIF Detroit MI, WSAN-AM Allentown PA, WSEO-FM Kalamazoo MI, WSGR-FM Port Huron MI, WVIC-FM East Lansing MI, WWWW Detroit MI, WWOM-FM New Orleans LA, WXFM-FM Chicago IL (Triad Freeform Radio), WXRT-FM Chicago IL, WXYZ-FM Detroit MI, WYDD Pittsburgh PA, WYSL-FM Buffalo NY, WZMF-FM Milwaukee WI and many, many more...
(please let us know if you'd like an undergroundradio station listed that meant a lot to you in the late 60's/early 70's) .

George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic is excited to curate for Experience Vinyl and share one of his favorite vinyl records of all time: Fresh by Sly and the Family StoneĀ on…

Meanwhile, the album Connections & Disconnections (re-issued on CD as Who's a Funkadelic ) was released under the name Funkadelic in 1981. The album was recorded by former Funkadelic members and original Parliaments Fuzzy Haskins , Calvin Simon , and Grady Thomas , who had left P-Funk in 1977 after disagreements with George Clinton's management practices. This LP, notable for its heavy use of Thomas "Pae-dog" McEvoy 's jazz horn , contains the track called "You'll Like It Too", which came a very popular breakbeat source for the Hip hop community in the 80s. Another rebellious former band member, drummer Jerome Brailey , released the album Mutiny on the Mamaship , by his new band Mutiny. Even Clinton himself found this to be a good album despite containing lyrics that mocked him and his management of the P-Funk enterprise. [ citation needed ]

Funkadelic One Nation Under A GrooveFunkadelic One Nation Under A GrooveFunkadelic One Nation Under A GrooveFunkadelic One Nation Under A Groove