Sudells suzuki pow pow - Sudells Suzuki Pow Pow

Life at Heito Camp was very hard for the POWs - most of whom were in their early twenties. The main task of the POWs in this camp was to pick rocks and stones from a vast area of old dried river-bottom land near the camp so that the land could be made ready to plant sugar cane. It was back-breaking work with the POWs working from early morning to late afternoon in the blazing hot tropical sun, clad only in shorts or loin-cloths. The rocks and stones were picked by hand using woven bamboo baskets. The baskets were then carried to one of the nearby railroad sidings and emptied into railroad hopper cars. There were few rest breaks and the POWs had their quota of cars to fill in a day. If that quota was not met, beatings would follow at the end of the shift.

Sudells Suzuki Pow PowSudells Suzuki Pow PowSudells Suzuki Pow Pow