Sweet somethings hold onsweet somethings are comin - The 60-somethings who look half their age from behind.

In the spring of 2016, with only a guitar and backpack in hand, English singer/songwriter Lucy Rose embarked on a two-month tour of Latin America. Partly organized by fans who provided lodging, she not only wrote her third studio album, Something's Changing , on the trip, but captured key moments of the experience on video for a companion documentary short. When it came time to record the resulting songs back in England, she did so at producer Tim Bidwell 's home studio with a certain intimacy and group performances in mind, and included guests such as Elena Tonra of Daughter , Marcus Hamblett of Bear's Den , and the Staves . The latter provided backing vocals on two tracks, including "Is This Called Home," a mini-drama that moves through time signatures as it grows from quiet contemplation with electric guitar, to a delicate waltz joined by bass and drums, and finally to a brighter, fully arranged chamber piece with added strings and singers as Rose repeats "Let me hold your hand." Fans of her debut may be happy to hear that the song, which follows a harp-accompanied introduction, signals a return to an intimate, more acoustic palette after her diversion into poppier electronics on 2015's Work It Out . Later in the track sequence, the jazzier "Second Chance" evokes Carole King in its more reflective, piano-based verses, and, named for the three Greek gods also known as the Fates, "Moirai" is an acoustic reflection on a lost love. A diverse set that touches on baroque pop, country, jazz, and especially '70s singer/songwriters, its quiet demeanor both sidesteps dullness and suits Rose 's poignant vocal delivery, which tends to excel at restrained volumes. With songcraft and performances on point here, Something's Changing is Rose 's most exquisite album to date and her most moving ("It's just a song, but without it, would I have told you this?").

Hi Erin. Yes, it can. Make the sweet potatoes and put them in the casserole dish and refrigerate (without the topping). Make the streusel topping (without the marshmallows), and refrigerate that separately. On the day of, place the sweet potatoes in the oven, without the topping, and heat until warmed all the way through. Then sprinkle on the streusel topping and marshmallows, and cook until golden and bubbly, about 10-15 minutes.
Sorry for the lengthy instructions. The important thing is that the sweet potatoes are heated through before adding the marshmallows, because the marshmallows will burn if left in the oven too long. Happy holidays!

There’s also a larger, extended-range battery that will go on sale in early 2018 to increase the range to 12 miles. At $1,499 the board is a pricy present, but great for any 20-something that has a daily city commute.

I’ve even been mistaken for my 17-year-old daughter, Amy — from behind, I should stress. She seems to enjoy having a younger-looking mum whose wardrobe she can raid!

Hi Peter. You are very lucky that you have found a girlfriend and a pet that are willing to adopt a nomadic lifestyle.
You are right of course, if you can all go together, then there is no need to leave them behind, happiness is better when shared. (I will change the post accordingly)

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Sweet Somethings Hold OnSweet Somethings Are CominSweet Somethings Hold OnSweet Somethings Are CominSweet Somethings Hold OnSweet Somethings Are CominSweet Somethings Hold OnSweet Somethings Are Comin