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Consistently presenting electrifying performances which showcase positive lyrics sung over solid, original, and authentic roots rock Reggae rhythms, Ras Midas continues to push traditional Reggae music into a new and contemporary dimension while still retaining its roots.

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2017 Top Ten Standings . The current Top Ten results by breed, organized alphabetically. Posted December 21, 2017 for events through November 19, 2017.

CONFIRMATION includes two of Ras Midas's international hit singles, "Kude-A-Bamba" and "Can't Stop Rastaman Now." Recorded at Harry J. Studios in Jamaica with top Reggae musicians including Sly & Robbie, Andy Bassford, Ansel Collins, Winston Wright, Dean Fraser, Junior Chin, and singers Marica Griffiths, Pam Hall, and Anita Banks. Sylvan Morris was the recording and mixing engineer; Ras Midas, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer. CONFIRMAATION was included in the Final Four for a Grammy in 2000. A contemporary… read more

Ras Midas Cant Stop Rasta NowRas Midas Cant Stop Rasta Now