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“Most falconers make the mistake with goshawks both when training them, and by way of exercising them when they are trained, of calling a hawk repeatedly to the fist, giving her a bite of food each time, and then putting her down and calling her up again and again, this being often done with washed meat as a reward. Hawks so treated are quite certain to be slack at coming out of a tree, as they have learnt to come for a present reward, which reward they don’t care very much about. But goshawks ought to come to their master’s hand whenever called by him, under a certainty of getting no reward at the time. This is to be arranged by carefully avoiding ever deceiving them by such practices as above mentioned. If it should appear desirable to give washed meat, give it to them, but do not call them to you to receive it. After goshawks have once learnt to come to the fist at all, they ought never to be called more than twice in each meal during their training, and the distance should be increased every day, discretionally, until they will come at least 1000 yards, always on such occasions being rewarded with some newly-killed bird, warm, and a bird they like too, as a wild duck or partridge.
Thus they will grow fond of their master, and after a successful flight or two from his hand, will be ever on the look out to be with him, never expecting food for merely coming a few yards, whether at home or in the field.
Very different is the case with hawks which, having taken stand after a long flight, have recollections of sodden meat, which hunger compelled them to want, often torn from them by force again and again, by way of teaching them to come freely to the hand while being trained, and which afterwards in the field are always called to the fist by a show of a piece of meat, to be immediately snatched away on their alighting; they sit and look and think about it.”
Sound advice indeed, and all the more incredible that it was first published in 1870.

The unnamed ultra-fast network will be being its deployment in 2017, and the ~400 stations is only a starting point.  The group says that by 2020 “customers should have access to thousands of high-powered charging points.” 

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Various Fast Forward 004Various Fast Forward 004Various Fast Forward 004Various Fast Forward 004