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This is the first release by notorious “Terveet Kädet” from Tornio in from Finland on their own label Ikbal Records. It’s a raw proto-hardcore. Terveet Kädet has been seen by many the best that came out of the Nordic Countries . Of some reason many records in Finland was pressed in very few copies. The two first Terveet Kädet EP’s was pressed only in 200 copies, same as the first two Rattus EP (Khomeini-Rock and Fucking Disco) but also the first Riistetyt EP aswell as the Kaaos / Cadgers split. All essential stuff.

Here is the countdown of the 10 most expensive hardcore punk records to our knowledge. It does not necessary mean that they are the greatest records.

Human Gas Stali Nism Human Gas Stali NismHuman Gas Stali Nism Human Gas Stali Nism