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This was a successful blind buy for me. I'm a big fan of spicy scents that project and last, so it didn't feel like much of a risk.

I was excited for something that would border on 'too much, even for me'. That didn't end up being the case. I think I wanted that first spray to frighten me a little bit. It didn't, but it did surprise me with a blast of fruit that I think really sets it apart from those two words you've probably read tons of times while reading up on this scent:

Christmas candle. It's in there, but it's not all that's in there.

The fruit is noticeable. I think its sharpness in the initial few minutes only risks alarming the person who's wearing the scent. Everyone else seems to be treated to a warm spicy comforting smell. It's less sharp after a while and sort of melts back against the sweeter aspects, like vanilla.

I definitely wouldn't consider it office appropriate, though. It's very 'there', it lasts for ages on fabric so there's a good chance your skin chemistry won't temper the potency, and it's easy to imagine someone having an extreme aversion to the scent.

For people who likes spicy sweet scents that walk a line between 'a lot' and 'too much', this might do.

Unless you hate Christmas candles. Because even though L'Elephant is more layered than that with its fruity aspects and more sophisticated use of spices, that holiday scent is definitely in there.

We proudly present our next litter by Multi Champion and Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
Puppies expected Spring 2016.

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Sinto Right On BrotherSinto Right On BrotherSinto Right On BrotherSinto Right On Brother