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Shana Lane - Confessions D'une Escorte #03
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Having discovered a talent for viola , Cale studied music at Goldsmiths College , University of London . While he was there he organised an early Fluxus concert, A Little Festival of New Music , on 6 July 1964. He also contributed to the short film Police Car and had two scores published in Fluxus Preview Review (July 1963) for the nascent avant-garde collective. [8] He conducted the first performance in the UK of Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra , with the composer and pianist Michael Garrett as soloist. In 1963, he travelled to the United States to continue his musical training with the assistance and influence of Aaron Copland .

1-14 : Lenox MA, September 1, 1973. CD2 : 1. Sister Ray / 2. Sweet Jane / 3. Coney Island Baby / 4. Leave Me Alone / 5. Satellite Of Love / 6. Ride Sally Ride / 7. Charley's Girl / 8. Kicks / 9. White Light/White Heat / 10. Too Late Mamma / 11. Rock And Roll. 1 : Lenox MA, September 1, 1973. 2-11 : Adelaide, Australia, July 28, 1975. --> SATELLITE OF LOVE

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