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You don't fire instantly. Rez is a rhythm game, and it isn't going to let your desperate bid for survival spoil that. Shots are quantised to the beat of that level's music—firing off in rhythmic patterns that accompany the beat in often playful ways. This changes the pace and purpose of combat. It's not just about killing things—the new mouse controls make that fairly trivial—but also about playing with the music. It's about protecting yourself from incoming fire, but also creating riffs through chains of lock-on kills. It's part challenge, part jam session.

Anders heads up the Enterprise Architecture and SimCorp Technology Labs functions. Prior to SimCorp, he was a developer and architect for several years, and had a stint as a start-up CTO. At SimCorp, he has held various technology strategy and product management roles, being the main driver behind initiatives like user experience, Alerts Inbox, Dashboards, HTML5, and mobile devices. Currently, he is responsible for the long-term longevity of the platform, involving cloud-based transformational challenges.

Marlena Shaw MarlenaMarlena Shaw MarlenaMarlena Shaw MarlenaMarlena Shaw Marlena